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Even during the best of times, it seems our financial lives can become complicated. The most hard-working and responsible citizens can make decisions that turn out to be financial mistakes. Often times, financial trials come to us through no fault of our own. Many of us find ourselves in dire financial circumstances beyond our control. This is a part of life. In life, we encounter many unforeseen obstacles or unavoidable circumstances that come upon us. Once we have lost our financial footing, problems seem to compound themselves continuously, one upon another.

If you are like many of our clients, you have been struggling with the difficulties brought about by the Great Recession for months, possibly even years, while trying to keep your household financially afloat. If it seems that your financial problems are simply not going away, you are not alone. As Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys, we understand that this can be a considerably stressful and emotional time in your life.


Financial difficulties can create just as much emotional turmoil in your life as relationship difficulties. However, when facing financial difficulties, it’s important that you face them rationally and calmly. Please, take your time, review the information contained on this website, take advantage of the free materials, books and reports we offer to our prospective clients without cost or obligation. Informing yourself and studying these materials will be the first step on your path to a true and fresh financial start.

If you believe your financial situation may be serious, be sure not to put off contacting an attorney. We offer a free initial consultation and a free financial analysis of your situation. Waiting to solve your financial problems will only make them grow bigger. Late payments, slow payments, collection actions, lawsuits, and garnishments will only serve to further eviscerate what is currently left of your credit rating.

We understand that you have a lot of questions. What will happen with my home? Where will I live? Do I qualify for bankruptcy? What assets can I keep? Will I lose my car? What debts can I get rid of and which ones will survive the bankruptcy? Which courses of action should I take and which should I avoid?

It’s important at this time that you take the next step–or rather the first step–toward a  fresh start and clean financial slate. Contact Farnsworth Law Offices to schedule an appointment, so you can meet with your attorney. Your Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney will analyze your current financial situation, make suggestions, and answer any questions that you may have.

When you meet with a Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney at Farnsworth Law Offices, you can expect to receive a free initial consultation and a confidential review of your financial circumstances by an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Bankruptcy is not for everybody. Depending on your case, bankruptcy might not be best for you. If bankruptcy does not seem to be your best option, your attorney will help you discover alternatives to bankruptcy. However, if bankruptcy does appear to be in your best interest, we will guide you through the bankruptcy legal process. If you have any questions regarding bankruptcy law, our experience in handling debt relief matters, or anything else, please do not hesitate or delay contacting our office. We will take the opportunity to educate, train, and teach you the things we’d want to know if we woke up in your financial circumstances.

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